Offer health and beauty.
It is our desire to help you offer one of the most ancient health and beauty treatments in the world, the Garra Rufa fish. This time-tested, old world beauty treatment is now being used in a very modern way and with great success. With a simple soak in relaxing and temperate waters, the Garra Rufa, known as "doctor" fish, painlessly erase the outward signs of stress and neglect from the skin, leaving your clients relaxed and refreshed. Spas, manicurists, and other practitioners of rejuvenation, beauty and health can utilize these amazing fish to offer their clients effectual, and natural skin care with lasting benefit. To learn more about the history of the Garra Rufa massage click here.
Health facilities benefit by offering integrated services.
The Garra Rufa massage treatment has been shown to be effective for some health issues such as psoriasis, eczema, and removal of bunions. Clients greatly benefit from a health care facility that offers a myriad of both traditional and alternative treatments.
Gain positive publicity for your facility.
Aside from their therapeutic value, Garra Rufa fish treatments tend to attract the attention of consumers and media outlets. Word-of-mouth and news coverage of this treatment tend to translate into increased bookings at spas, health and beauty facilities. The first spas and salons to offer this service will no doubt receive the most attention. We believe these factors, as well as others, make the Garra Rufa fish treatments an essential addition to your business.

Retain loyal clients by providing services they want.

The Garra Rufa massage is becoming more popular and is more frequently requested at health and beauty facilities in the United States. You can stay a step ahead of your clients' requests and make them feel special by offering this unique treatment. We make it extremely simple and inexpensive for you to offer this valuable service to your clients. To find out how you can offer this treatment at your facility without extra work and high-cost, read about our services here.

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